First, make the mochi dough

  1. Mix 2 parts glutinous rice flour, 1/2 part some sort of starch (corn starch, wheat starch, or potato starch), 1/2 part powder sugar, 1 part whole milk (alternatively, you can use coconut milk), 1 part water, 1/2 part vegetable oil
  2. Mix together until it is a consistent liquid. If you use
  3. Place in steamer then steam for 15 minutes.
  4. Knead into a dough, using gloves. Since the dough is not going back into any heat source, you must use gloves to minimize any germs from getting on the mochi, otherwise it will go bad after a day.

Second, make the paste

  1. You can find the recipe for different pastes in other parts of my blog. You can fill mochi with any paste of your heart’s desire.
Third, shape
  1. Wrap mochi dough around paste ball of choice.
  2. Roll around in either cooked flour, or shredded coconut, or peanut powder, or sesame seeds, or any other coating of your choice.

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